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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Feb 12, 2020

Do you struggle with knowing how to write successful blog posts today? How about how to constantly create new content and still do all the other things that blogging requires? 

If you are curious about ads or systematizing your content creation, you’re going to want to listen to today’s conversation with Amber Bracegirdle

But first, I wanted to share something with you. My husband and business partner, David, and I have noticed something; a lot of the listeners of this podcast want to start an online business or a blog, but they have no idea where to start.

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We know how overwhelming it can be to start a business if you’re not tech-savvy. 

That’s why we decided it was time to help people get over the hump of getting their blog set up so they could move on to creating content, serving their audience, and developing products. 

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We can’t wait to see what you build in 2020!

Amber Bracegirdle is one of the founders of MediaVine, an online ad network. Many of our listeners use MediaVine on their blogs for ads. 

In this conversation, Amber shares how Mediavine came to be a business, her system for creating great content, and what the future holds for publishers and bloggers. 

I think you’re going to love this episode, so let’s get to it. 

Qualifications for MediaVine

There are many different ad networks that bloggers can work with and they each have their own unique qualifications. 

Mediavine requires you to have at least 25,000 sessions, not pageviews, in a 30-day period.  

They prefer to work with bloggers who target audiences from mostly English-speaking countries because that is where you are going to make the most money. 

The other requirements are that you must post long-form content, your site must be at least 3-4 months old, and you must be in good standing with Google AdSense. 

Creating Unique Blog Content

In today’s world of blogging, you have to differentiate yourself from other bloggers. Finding ways to stand out from the crowd is a good thing.

If you’ve been blogging for several years, as Amber and I have, you may have an idea of what a blog post is “supposed” to look like. 

You start with your topic, create long-form content around that topic, and at the end of the post, you give your reader a call to action.

Unfortunately, that’s where most bloggers stop. 

But there are so many other types of content that will allow your blog to rank higher in search engines. 

  • One great way to use your own content, and incorporate content from other bloggers as well, is to do round-up style posts. Round-ups are lists of posts all revolving around a certain topic. 
  • If you want to increase the traffic to your site, create content that answers specific questions. People go to Google to ask questions and Google then sends those people to articles that answer their questions.
  • The key here is to create different types of content (lists, DIYs, recipes, how-tos) aside from what you think of as basic blog content.

Venture out from the type of post you’ve always created and try a list or answer some common questions. 

Keyword Research to Rank in Google

Back in the early days of blogging, bloggers could write about whatever they wanted. If I wanted to try a recipe for dinner, I could snap a few photos and write about how I made the recipe and whether or not my family enjoyed it. 

Not anymore.

Blogs are no longer merely online journals of your daily life. Nowadays, bloggers have to be much more strategic about what they write about and how they write about it. 

And that’s where keyword research comes into play. Knowing what your audience is searching for is going to grow your traffic as you provide answers to their questions. 

Be strategic about how you cover every aspect of a topic, with a different problem and answer in every post. And be sure to include links in each post to the other posts on that topic. 

Multiple Blog Audiences 

You don’t have to put your content out to every audience you have, but it is on your site for the person who’s going to ask that question and need your answer. 

You have multiple audiences and you can cater to the different people coming to you from all over the internet. 

Someone coming from Pinterest wants something different than someone coming from Google. 

Be strategic about who you are writing your content for, and how you can reach everyone from every walk of life. This helps you avoid burnout as you create different forms of content rather than always having to create something new from scratch.

The Importance of Video as a Blogger

Video is growing in popularity and in importance. 

It’s great for your site’s SEO; it’s great user experience; it’s huge for your income. 

Just as an example, the CPM, (or cost per 1K ad impressions) for video ads in 2019 was $19. Whereas the CPM for display ads was $2-3. 

The only problem with video is there isn’t enough video content to meet the demand for it. 

From the beginning, Mediavine has been interested in giving the reader what they want, and in the process, they gave the advertisers what they wanted as well.

If you’re ready to start working with Mediavine, you can contact them at, and listen to Amber’s podcast at Theory of Content

Read the Transcript for “How to Write Successful Blog Posts Today”

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