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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Oct 21, 2020

Ready to learn how to win selling on Shopify?

If you are a blogger, you know I recommend finding something to sell to your audience, and Shopify might be the perfect platform for you to do it on.

This is why I'm excited to share my interview with Shopify expert, Elle McCann.

In this episode, we delve into lots of important Shopify strategies and tactics including:

  • Selling on Shopify vs. Etsy
  • What to consider when opening a Shopify store
  • The importance of doing B- work to get your store open fast
  • Common mistakes people make when selling on Shopify
  • How to drive traffic to your shop
  • How to use social media to sell
  • The importance of using email marketing in ecommerce
  • And so much more!

I think every blogger should listen to this episode because even if you are not ready to open a Shopify store yet—notice I said "yet"—this episode might get the wheels turning for you on what you can sell to your audience.

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