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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Jan 13, 2021

I'm excited to share my newest podcast interview with Cheryl Garove, from the blog, Grounded by Grace. In her blog, Cheryl doesn't hold anything back.

She discusses her food addiction and her family's addictions to drugs and alcohol. She does this with bravery, clarity, and of huge dose of grace.

Many people would feel uncomfortable writing so deeply about their struggles. But what Cheryl has done is shed the light on what going through difficulty is really like. And the response to her writing has been overwhelming positive.

In these challenging times, Cheryl feels a need to help, as people suffer in shame and silence.

Recording this podcast touched me in a way that was very deep. I know it will touch you too.

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Hello friends. Welcome back to the show. This is Jillian Leslie, founder of the MiloTree app. Founder of Catch My Party, host of this podcast, business coach and business translator.

I take what's working in blogging and online business today. Break it down so you can use these tips and strategies in your own business. Before I get started, I wanted to read a review somebody left of this podcast, The Blogger Genius Podcast in iTunes.

So, it's a woman named MrsDollyMama and she wrote, "I'm so happy I discovered this podcast from using MiloTree. Jillian has such a calming and kind presence and her podcasts are filled with insightful and actionable advice any business owner can take immediately. Thank you, Jillian, for the value you bring to the business community."

Well, I am super touched. Thank you, Mrs. Dolly Mama. And please, if you are enjoying the podcast, head to iTunes, and leave a review and hopefully five stars. It helps other people find the podcast.

It helps it grow so that I can continue to bring you awesome guests.

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