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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Jan 20, 2021

Want to know why the blogging riches are in the niches? Today's episode will explain it.

I'm interviewing HollyAnne Knight from String & Story, who not only teaches people how to quilt, she teaches free motion quilting, a modern form of quilting.

And she's built a very successful business in a very niche lane.

HollyAnne shares how, as a way to deal with her postpartum depression after her first child was born, she got started quilting. This lead her to open an Etsy shop where she sold t-shirt quilts.

From there, she started blogging about quilting, while she discovered free motion quilting and began honing her skills.

She grew a community on social media, an email list, and created a successful course where she teaches quilters how to get over their fears and try free motion quilting.

I've split this interview into two parts because we spoke for close to an hour and half. In this first half, we talk about HollyAnne's origin story.

In part 2 we get into how HollyAnne built her business.

So if you had any doubt about niching down, this episode will make the benefits very clear.

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