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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Nov 3, 2021

Learn how to explode your email list with an easy, fun email challenge. It's easier than you think.

In this episode, I'm interviewing Haeley Giambalvo. Haeley is an old time blogger, but she started a new gardening blog called Native Backyards about a year ago.

At first Haeley's email list was growing slowly. Then she created her 4-week simple email challenge, and it helped her grow her list by over 700 subscribers in two months.

Topics Haeley and I discuss in this episode:

  • How to come up with your email challenge idea
  • How to set up and run your challenge just using email and a Facebook group
  • How to keep your audience excited during the challenge
  • How to create products to support your business
  • What to do when the challenge is over!

What you will see, after listening to this episode, is that an email challenge doesn't have to be complicated. Just use Haeley's straight-forward strategy and you'll be amazed how quickly you can grow your list.

Show Notes:

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