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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Dec 1, 2021

Today, I have Tamara Bennett from Southern Adoornments Decor back on the show to share how to build a seven figure membership.

The reason David and I built MiloTree Easy Payments, was to help creators start memberships the fasted and easiest way possible. We think there is no better way to serve your audience and make serious money than with a membership.

And in fact, it was Tamara who opened my eyes to this whole thing.

Tamara and I discuss how she got started painting live on Facebook, how she was able to build a membership off of that teaching people how to paint door hangers. We also talk about the importance of community when building a membership and how to show up for your people.

Tamara shares her TikTok strategy, her favorite new platform, and how she's been able to grow her following to over 60k.

If you are interested in creating recurring revenue, money that you can count on each month, a membership is a great way to do it, so definitely listen to this episode.

And to start putting the pieces in place for a membership, I recommend you test your idea with a paid workshop.

Please come to my new live training on December. 13th at 12:00pm CT on How to Pick a Topic for Your Paid Workshop and Set Up a Sale Page in Under 60 Minutes! It’s only $10 and it might transform your business!

Show Notes:

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