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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Sep 28, 2022

In today's episode, Jessica Holmes, from the dessert blog, Sweetest Menu, shares her 9 copywriting secrets to write successful blog posts.

Before becoming a professional food blogger, Jessica was a copywriter, so she knows what she's talking about.

In the episode, we discuss:

  • How Jessica finds the most...

Sep 21, 2022

Today, I'm talking about why you want a strong personal brand. Gone are the days when you can hide behind your blog, and just show off your beautiful photos.

And this is why I have Christine Gritmon on as my guest. She is a personal branding expert.

As you'll see, Christine has a very strong personal brand herself...

Sep 14, 2022

Yes, you can make six figures from niche blogging, if you know what you're doing. If you think of blogs as assets, the goal is to buy low and sell high.

I have my friend and blogging expert, Chelsea Clarke on the show to talk about how she does it.

Chelsea currently owns six niche websites. She buys them,...

Sep 7, 2022

I have SEO, Steve Wiideman, on the show to talk about simple ways to optimize your site for more traffic now.

What I like about this interview is that nothing Steve shares is hard to implement. You don't have to be a techie to do well with SEO.

Steve and I discuss:

  • Whether you should worry about Google algorithm...