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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Dec 8, 2021

Today, I have social media strategist, Neal Schaffer, back on the show to talk about social media trends for 2022.

Neal writes books on social media and consults with large companies on their strategies. But what we talk about in this episode, is the advantage individual entrepreneurs have when it comes to promoting themselves.

Individual creators get to show up as real people and interact person to person on social media, something larger brands can't do.

In this episode, we talk about the value of MiloTree Easy Payments to test ideas quickly, thank you, Neal, for the kind words. :)

We talk about the real value of social media, which is relationship building and how social media is top of your funnel, but is not your entire business. It's one important piece of many, including SEO.

We talk about showing up live in short form video and how that's only going to be more important in 2022. We talk about using social media to celebrate other people's wins and how it's no longer about blasting out your content.

Interaction is key and will only become more important as a way to rise above the noise.

Before we launch into the episode, please come to my new live training on December. 13th at 12:00pm CT on How to Pick a Topic for Your Paid Workshop and Set Up a Sale Page in Under 60 Minutes

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Show Notes:

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And I'm segueing into the fact that I am hosting this paid training on December 13th, at noon, if you can't be there live, no problem I'm going to send you a recording.

But I think this is fitting with what Neal and I are talking about this is a new way to build your business put yourself out there in front of your audience to see what they want. To test stuff to not build until you are validated.

You know people want this from you. It's a little bit like coming off of our perches, coming down and really interacting and really connecting.

So please, to sign up either email me at to get a link, connect with me on Instagram @milotree. Just DM me or go to here's the URL

And I don't know let's start 2022 with a whole different mindset of build fast test and put it out there. And I will see you. I'll see some of you hopefully at the workshop, and I will see you here again next week.

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