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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Feb 9, 2022

Today, I’ve got Chloe Thomas on the show to talk about the Ecommerce trends you need to know in 2022. Yes, it is possible to sell goods online and be successful, but you need to keep these expert tips in mind that Chloe and I discuss.

Chloe and I talk about:

  • Strategies for competing with the big brands and how you can have a real advantage
  • How to focus on your brand story
  • Highlighting what problem you solve for your audience
  • Making your brand look professional
  • The importance of giving your customer a good experience
  • Where to sell your products (website vs. marketplace)
  • How to manage all the jobs that goes into being a successful online seller

After talking to Chloe I realized there is a big opportunity today to sell things successfully online.

So even if you don't sell any physical goods yet, you want to listen to this episode so you know what the landscape looks like at the moment and how you can jump in in the future.

Show Notes: