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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Sep 21, 2022

Today, I'm talking about why you want a strong personal brand. Gone are the days when you can hide behind your blog, and just show off your beautiful photos.

And this is why I have Christine Gritmon on as my guest. She is a personal branding expert.

As you'll see, Christine has a very strong personal brand herself that involves lipstick and nails.

She's all about tying in your brand with who you are authentically Introvert? No problem. Cheese lover? No problem. Details like this can help you stand out from the crowd and create a strong brand.

We talk about:

  • How a personal brand helps you get noticed in your niche
  • How using feedback from the people around you can help you figure out what makes you unique
  • How a little bit of branding goes a long way
  • How authenticity is key
  • And why you want to tell you audience upfront what they should expect from you

I think you'll find Christine a lot of fun, and full of great ideas! For those of you worried that you're going to have to dance to get noticed, you're in for a happy surprise!

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