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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Aug 30, 2023

Today, I'm welcoming guest, Andrea Liebross, business coach and host of the "Time to Level Up" podcast, onto the show. We discuss the challenges of building a business, overcoming self-doubt, and navigating the "messy middle" of entrepreneurship.

Andrea shares her method called "schedule-plan-do" and emphasizes the importance of addressing underlying issues. We also talk about the reality of business building, the concept of confidence, and the importance of seeking support.

We discuss staying consistent, pricing, and getting out of one's own way.

Show Notes:

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The Messy Middle of Entrepreneurship

In my conversation with Andrea, we discuss the challenges of how to overcome self-doubt and navigate the "messy middle" of entrepreneurship. Andrea shared her entrepreneurial journey, starting with her background in recruiting, hiring, and training new entrepreneurs.

She noticed that many entrepreneurs faced challenges and self-doubt when they reached the "messy middle" stage of their businesses.

Balancing Business Growth with Motherhood

Andrea and I also touch on the challenges of balancing business growth with motherhood. I share my experience of feeling overwhelmed when my daughter was younger, and how I couldn't imagine being able to drop her off at a playdate and leave.

However, I did find that my daughter became more independent over time. Andrea related to this struggle and mentioned a client who is currently dealing with sleepless nights due to her children. We agree on the importance of having grace and understanding during these challenging stages of life.

The "Schedule-Plan-Do" Method

Andrea introduces her method called "Schedule Plan DDo" and explains how she helps her clients delegate tasks and create processes to make their businesses more efficient. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the underlying issues, such as exhaustion, rather than just focusing on the overwhelming to-do list.

Embracing Discomfort in Business Building

We both agree that the reality of business building is often messy, uncomfortable, and challenging, contrary to the glamorous image portrayed on social media. We discuss the importance of embracing discomfort and pushing through it to achieve success. We normalize the feeling of unease as a sign that one is moving in the right direction.

Confidence and Entrepreneurship

Andrea discusses the concept of confidence and how it is not about always feeling prepared or determined. She explains that confidence is simply the willingness to feel every feeling, including frustration, anxiety, and stress. She emphasizes the importance of embracing ambiguity and uncertainty, as they are inherent in entrepreneurship.

The Importance of Support and Positive Mindset

Andrea highlights the significance of seeking support from coaches, mentors, and communities. She mentions a study by Harvard Business Review that found businesses that sought support were more likely to succeed. We agree that reframing negative thoughts and focusing on the positive can make a significant difference in one's mindset and overall success.

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Pricing Challenges

We discuss the importance of staying in the game and overcoming self-doubt in order to achieve success in business. Andrea mentions the antidotes to negative self-talk and catastrophizing, which include surrounding yourself with supportive people who can counter those thoughts. We also discuss the issue of pricing and how it is often tied to one's self-worth. Andrea suggests that the price you charge reflects the transformation you provide to your clients.

Moving Beyond the Messy Middle

We highlight the need to think big and move beyond the messy middle, where many entrepreneurs get stuck. Andrea believes in offering her clients a runway to find their extraordinary potential in their business and themselves.

To find Andrea and learn more about her work, you can visit her website and listen to her podcast, "Time to Level Up." She also invites you to download the introduction and first chapter of her upcoming book for valuable insights. You can schedule a call with her through her website or reach out to her on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on the Blogger Genius podcast!

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