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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Aug 16, 2023

In this week's episode of The Blogger Genius Podcast, I'm interviewing Michelle Marks, a business coach who specializes in helping women run businesses from home.

We talk about how easy it is to come up with a digital product idea and I challenge her to come up with one during the interview in real time.

The Power of MiloTreeCart

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Michelle Marks: From Freelancer to Business Coach

Michelle shares her entrepreneurial journey, which began with freelance gigs in writing and photography. She later started a graphic design business and, after having kids, found a passion for working with women who run businesses from home.

She now specializes in helping them create and sell scalable digital products.

Understanding Digital Products

We discuss the definition of digital products, which Michelle describes as anything that can be sold as a file.

We also touch on the blurred lines between coaching and digital products, with coaching being a service but also a form of digital product. We agree that memberships are considered digital products because they are infinitely scalable

Creating Unique Digital Products

Michelle explains that even if there are already many products out there, someone can bring their own style, perspective, and lessons learned to create a product that reaches people on a unique level.

She suggests that a blogger should consider her target audience's goals, problems, and desires when deciding what kind of product to create.

Selling Digital Products and Finding Initial Customers

Michelle says that an ebook could be a great option for bloggers who excel in written content, as it provides a shortcut for readers to learn and take action.

Understanding the Customer's Journey

Michelle emphasizes the importance of understanding the next stage in a customer's journey. She uses the example of someone who wants to expand their plant collection but has doubts about their ability to keep the new plants thriving.

To address this, she suggests creating a list of easy-to-care-for plants that the person can purchase. This way, they can continue to expand their plant collection with confidence.

Exploring Other Possibilities

We also explore other possibilities within the plant niche, such as selling the health benefits of being a plant owner or offering workshops on creating personalized pots.

Michelle encourages thinking outside the box and brainstorming different ideas to cater to various personas within the target audience.

Dealing with Products That May Not Sell Well

Michelle acknowledges that dealing with products that may not sell well can be challenging and may trigger feelings of rejection. However, she advises reframing these experiences as learning opportunities.

The Importance of Community and Mindset

Michelle shares her belief that having a supportive community is vital for success, as it provides validation, help, and feedback. I agree, stating that building a business can be lonely without people who understand and support your goals.

Connect with Michelle Marks

Michelle invites listeners to connect with her on Instagram and join her Facebook group, "Growing Your Business with Digital Products." She describes the group as a place where digital product creators can find support, training, and resources from someone who has made mistakes and experienced both successful and unsuccessful product launches.

Wrapping Up

If listeners want to reach out to me to discuss their digital product ideas and offered to provide guidance and motivation please sign up for a quick Zoom session at

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