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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Apr 10, 2024

Hello, fellow niche bloggers and digital marketing enthusiasts! Today I'm excited to share with you some invaluable insights from my latest Blogger Genius Podcast episode.

We're diving deep into the recent Google updates and their impact on popular niche bloggers, like lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, fitness bloggers, weight loss bloggers, interior design bloggers, personal finance blogs, and more.

Think of this as your survival guide to the new Google updates and an exploration into the latest trends in the world of digital marketing.

Show Notes:

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Adapting to Google Algorithm Updates

As many of you know, Google's algorithm updates can significantly affect our traffic and income, especially for those of us who rely on ads and affiliate marketing to monetize our niche blogs. In fact, even popular niches, like food blogging, have taken big hits and lost tons of traffic. But bottom line, there's a silver lining! 

I've been working with bloggers to pivot towards selling digital products, like digital downloads, workshops, memberships, online courses, coaching, etc., offering free 20-minute strategy calls to brainstorm and navigate this new income avenue. It's all about adapting and diversifying our monetization methods and traffic sources.

SEO Expertise with SEO, Steve Weidman

To give us a deeper understanding, I brought in SEO guru Steve Wiideman. Steve's expertise shed light on the necessity for bloggers to stay agile with Google's changing search algorithms and user behaviors. He stressed the importance of unique and helpful content, even in the age of AI-generated material.

Beyond Traditional Web Search

Steve urges us to look beyond the confines of traditional web search. Platforms like Google Discover, TikTok, and short-form media content are becoming increasingly important. It's about broadening our digital marketing horizons and embracing the platforms where our audiences spend their time.

The Art of Keyword Research

We also discuss the evolving role of keyword research in driving traffic and building brand awareness. Understanding user intent is crucial for creating content that truly resonates and provides value. For those hit by a drop in Google traffic, Steve recommended analyzing top-performing pages, studying competitors, and optimizing content for a variety of platforms and search engines. For new bloggers and experienced bloggers, it's no longer all about Google.

Personalization and Marketing Channels

The commoditization of content means we need to get personal. So even if you're in one of the most profitable blogging niches, like home improvement, personal development, fashion, mental health,  real estate, or travel etc. this is no longer enough to make a lot of money. It's a good idea to start using "I" and "me," and sharing your personal experiences to make our content more relatable. It will show your expertise and how well you know your specific niche. Steve also highlighted the need to stay on top of industry trends and utilize different marketing channels to remain competitive.

Maximizing Marketing Vehicles

In the latter part of our conversation, Steve emphasizes setting goals for increasing the utilization of various marketing vehicles. He suggests seeking expertise in platforms like LinkedIn and using AI to boost visibility and authority.

The Rise of Generative AI

Generative AI is revolutionizing how we interact and communicate. It's moving from providing solutions to taking actions, such as scheduling and content creation. This evolution opens up exciting opportunities for businesses in customer service, marketing data analysis, and content generation.

Strategic Content Marketing for Niche Bloggers

Steve encourages a strategic approach to content marketing. This includes reviving underperforming content through SEO reviews, UX assessments, and leveraging brand expertise. He also shared tips on using platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Medium effectively, focusing on providing value rather than self-promotion.

A Granular Strategy for Success

Finally, Steve advocates for a granular strategy. Start with one piece of content, measure the impact of each change, and continuously evolve. It's about being strategic, leveraging AI, and implementing a measured approach to content marketing and platform utilization.

Embracing Creativity and Change

To sum up, our digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and success lies in our ability to be creative, adapt to changes, and diversify our strategies. I hope these insights from the Blogger Genius podcast inspire you to explore new avenues like selling your own digital products and thrive in the digital space.

Stay tuned for more episodes, and remember, I'm here to help you strategize your digital product journey. Let's embrace the change together!

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