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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Feb 2, 2022

Today, I've got Jessica Cha from Basic Sunday on the podcast, and she share how TikTok exploded her blog traffic.

Jessica shares how after some trial and error, she found her niche, simple Korean cooking, and how TikTok put her on the map after one video she created went viral.

I believe there is a real opportunity to grow your blog using TikTok, especially if you are in a popular niche on the app.

In this episode, Jessica shares:

  • How she stumbled upon her niche
  • How her blog helps her with her mental health
  • How she researches her TikTok videos
  • How she drives traffic to her blog from TikTok
  • Ways she can grow her email list from TikTok
  • Why she's so motivated to work on her business

I really think there is a big opportunity right now to drive enormous traffic to your blog from TikTok, so hopefully this episode inspires you to explore the platform.

Show Notes:

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