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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Jul 20, 2022

Want to know how a paid workshop helps you grow your true fans? Today, I’ve got Carrie Forrest from the blog, Clean Eating Kitchen, on the show to share her story.

Carrie has grown a very successful food blog, but over the last few years, she felt like something was missing in her business, interacting directly with her audience.

By creating paid workshops, she's been able to show up live with her community, and build real relationships.

The reason why you want to grow your true fans is because these are the people in your community who will buy all your offers, give you guidance, and help you plot the direction of your business.

As someone in the wellness space, Carrie also found this connection incredibly satisfying.

She's been able to be of service to her community and better understand what her audience wants from her, as she moves her business forward.

The relationships she's been able to cultivate by hosting paid workshops, has made her fall in love of her blog even more! I think you'll be inspired by her story.

Show Notes:

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