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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Dec 6, 2023

Hello everyone, I'm your host, Jillian, and today I interviewing copywriter, Samantha Burmeister. We're talking about the importance of effective messaging to set yourself apart from the competition as a blogger in 2024.

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Show Notes:

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The Importance of Messaging

The main topic of the episode is messaging. Samantha and I discuss the importance of getting visitors and customers to understand the "why" behind the content. This "why" can drive actions such as joining an email list, taking action on blog posts, and making purchases on sales pages.

We also touched on the role of AI in copywriting and the significance of brevity, authority, and selling the transformation. Samantha explains the difference between content and copywriting, stating that content is written for computers and focuses on discovery, while copywriting is about understanding the audience's needs and desires and crafting compelling messaging to inspire action.

The Power of Offering Value

Samantha stresses the importance of offering valuable content to capture email addresses and generate leads. She emphasized the need to provide immediate value and ensure that the freebie or content offered aligns with the paid products or services being promoted in the future.

She also addressed the hesitation some people, especially women, feel when it comes to selling and promoting their offerings. Samantha encourages them to overcome this mindset and view selling as a way to serve and help others.

The Role of Emotions in Purchasing Decisions

We discussed the role of emotions in purchasing decisions. Samantha confirmed that people often buy based on emotions and then justify their purchase afterwards. I shared an example of buying a purse because it sparked my interest, even though I later justified it by saying I needed it for a wedding or a job interview.

The Use of AI in Copywriting

We also discussed the differences between using AI for content and AI for copy. When using AI for content, it can aggregate information from the internet to answer specific questions or provide recommendations. However, when it comes to copywriting, it's important to understand the desired transformation or outcome that the audience wants.

I shared my approach to using AI for copywriting. I prompt my AI, ChatGPT, to be a world-class copywriter who understands human psychology. By setting up the AI with this prompt, I can then ask it to generate sales copy that will lead to the desired transformation for my target audience.

Brevity and Authority in Sales Pages

Samantha discussed the importance of brevity and authority in sales pages. She advises against using blocks of text, except for the about section, as people are usually more interested in knowing what they will get from the sales page. However, she acknowledges that the about section can help build authority and humanize the product being sold.

I agree with Samantha's points and suggest that imposter syndrome can be overcome by putting yourself out there confidently. I emphasize the need to establish trust and authority in the sales pitch, even if you don't have formal qualifications in the field.


To sum up, the key takeaways from the episode are the need to communicate authority, establish a personal connection, and guide customers on a transformative journey. If you want to learn more about Samantha and her services, she can be found at Nomad Copy Agency and on Instagram at nomad.copy.

I invite you to schedule a free exploratory call with me to discuss your business strategies. Let's grow our income in 2024 together!

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