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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Jul 10, 2019

Today my guest is Spencer Lum, owner of ExtraBold

Spencer teaches how to get people to want what you’re selling, by meeting them where they are and serving their needs. 

I think you’re going to get a lot of really powerful takeaways from this episode about marketing and copywriting.

How To Create A Want in Your Audience

The difficult part of marketing is stepping outside of yourself and knowing it isn’t about you. 

Spencer calls the normal marketing tactic, “eat your vegetables” marketing because if you look at it closely, that’s exactly what they’re doing. 

They are trying to force you to want something because they think it’s great. 

Marketing consists of two things:

  1. Understanding what your audience wants
  2. Drawing them in through their interests

Learning What Your Audience Wants

If you want to get out of your head and know your audience better, spend time with them, getting to know what they’re going to think or say next. 

You can’t live in that dangerous ground of “kind of knowing them, but not really…”

There are a few basic wants that every person has. One of those basic wants is to be financially well-off. Another is for life to be just easier. Think about the seven deadly sins. These are wants.

Don't forget that you need to meet people where they are at, and slowly point them in the right direction and invest in them, until they are ready to buy what you’re selling.

  • You have to speak your audience’s language.
  • Don't try to change them.
  • Respect what they want from you, as they are.

Maintaining Balance 

It takes two things to complete a sales cycle:

  1. The selling part that gets your product out there (awareness)
  2. The purpose that brings value and help to your audience (solving a problem)

Good salesmanship is a way to help people. You want to make money, but it’s not the only reason you do what you do. 

When your purpose aligns with someone else’s purpose, they will feel good about buying your products. 

Marketing Using A Landing Page 

In order to understand your audience members' basic wants, you give a hint of what you have to offer, you let it linger, and then you give another little something. 

You don’t give everything away at once. Think of it like dating.

Once you actually have them hooked, and they want what you offer, you can call them to take action. 

If you are able to tell someone what their problems are, it creates trust, and they will believe you have the answer to their problem. 

People want to feel that they are seen and understood. 

By being able to show that you understand them and their problems, they will feel seen and important, and you are more likely to make the sale. 

Action Step

Spencer created a free course that goes over a lot of things we talked about today. You will learn how to get your audience through the three stages of marketing sales. You can find that guide at

Download yours today! 

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  •  Intro 
  • 7:30 How To Create A Want 
  • 16:50 Learning What Your Audience Wants
  • 28:30 Maintaining Balance 
  • 34:38 Marketing On A Landing Page 
  • 49:43 Action Step

Read the podcast transcript HERE:


  1. You must understand what your audience’s basic wants are. Think of the seven deadly sins.
  2. Find the balance between your ultimate purpose and the need to sell your product or service.
  3. Give people a hint that you’ve got something that will change their lives, but don’t give it all away at the beginning. Think of it like dating. Mystery is good.
  4. Make your audience feel seen and understood and they will trust you and your product/service and be more willing to buy.