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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Nov 29, 2023

I'm Jillian, your host, and today I'm excited to share with you an insightful conversation I had with SEO expert, Casey Markee.

We delved into the recent Google updates, their impact on bloggers, how AI is changing blogging and what the future might look like as 3rd-party cookies get phased out, and how to position yourself for success in 2024.

The Future of Blogging: AI and the Potential Decline of Ad Revenue

As we approach 2024, I posed a question to our audience: How do you plan to grow your income considering the competition from AI content and the potential decline in ad revenue due to the phase-out of third-party cookies?

I suggested that bloggers pivot by selling their own digital products and services to their audience. A tool I recommend is MiloTreeCart, which allows users to set up memberships, digital downloads, workshops, coaching, and mini-courses in less than ten minutes.

It's user-friendly and offers real people to provide assistance. For the first thousand VIP customers, there's a one-time lifetime deal of $349 with no recurring fees, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

Show Notes:

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The Emotional Journey of Bloggers Post-Google Updates

Casey Markee shares the emotional journey that bloggers have gone through after being hit by Google updates.

Many bloggers initially go through a stage of bargaining, hoping that the changes they made will improve their rankings. However, when they see that the updates didn't have the desired impact, they move into a stage of depression. They realize that they won't be able to achieve the same level of success as before. Eventually, they reach the acceptance stage, understanding that SEO is a long-term process and they need to make the necessary changes to recover.

Misconceptions about Google Updates and Content Structure

Casey clarified that FAQs and specific information are still relevant, but bloggers need to avoid overloading their posts with unnecessary content. He emphasized the importance of being useful and avoiding superfluous information. He advised bloggers to optimize their posts for different audiences by providing a clear answer at the top of the post and offering additional information for those who want more details.

The Role of AI in Content Creation

We discussed the evolving landscape of content creation and the potential impact of AI technology. We acknowledged the convenience and efficiency that AI brings to our lives but also expressed concerns about its potential to replace human creators. Casey emphasized that AI should be used as an efficiency boost and a way to fine-tune existing skills rather than relying solely on AI-generated content. He believes that bloggers can benefit from using AI tools to save time and focus on other aspects of their work.

The Impact of Recent Google Updates on Bloggers

Casey predictes that there may be another update in the near future, considering the significant changes seen in October. He mentions that platforms like Quora and Reddit have gained prominence in search results due to their user-generated content. However, he highlighted the challenge of determining the credibility and expertise of the contributors on these platforms.

The Importance of Focusing on What Bloggers Can Control

Casey emphasizes the importance of focusing on what bloggers can control, such as their own content. He advises bloggers to ensure their content is updated, useful, and concise. He also recommended interlinking new posts with related older posts to create a strong internal network.

The Future of AI and Blogging

Casey predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to grow, and bloggers who have been slow to embrace it will join the bandwagon in 2024. He believes that high school kids will increasingly help their parents run their businesses, and the loss of third-party cookie data in 2024 could have a negative effect on income. To compensate for this loss, bloggers will need to gather first-party data through email subscribers, site behavioral data studies, and loyalty programs.

The Significance of Third-Party Cookies and Their Impact on Blogging

We discussed the significance of third-party cookies and how they track users' online activities. Casey mentioned that ad companies like Raviv and Mediavine have their own solutions to replace the lost cookie information. He advised bloggers to invest in their email efforts to track and engage their audience.

The Dominance of Google in the Search Engine Market

Casey discussed the dominance of Google in the search engine market and predicted that its traffic percentage will continue to rise. He believes that third-party search engines, no matter how much money they invest, cannot compete with Google's market share.

The Importance of Being Human and Creating a Community

We concluded by acknowledging the fast-paced changes in the industry and the need for bloggers to find new ways to engage their audience. Casey emphasized the importance of being human and creating a community around the blog. He advised bloggers to focus on providing helpful content that meets the needs of users rather than just targeting keywords.

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, it's crucial for us, as bloggers, to stay informed, adapt, and continue to provide valuable content to our audience. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on the future of blogging.

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