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The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Dec 13, 2023

As the host of the Blogger Genius Podcast, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Faith Mariah, a no-BS online business strategist and coach. And in this episode, we get real!

The Power of Selling Digital Products and Services

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The Journey of Faith Mariah

Back to today's episode, Faith shared her journey of starting a mental health blog and growing it into her first full-time income. She later transitioned into coaching other entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and focus in business strategies. She believes in a good system for selling products and consistent content creation. Her program focuses on 90-day planning and teaching a simple business strategy that is sustainable and prevents burnout.

Show Notes:

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The Importance of Starting Small

I agreed with Faith's approach and shared my experience with clients who have grandiose ideas for their businesses but lack a solid foundation. I advise them to start small and focus on getting customers before investing in complicated technology or optimizing content. It's crucial to prove the concept and generate revenue before expanding and optimizing.

Tracking Time and Diversifying Income

Faith added that tracking time and identifying revenue-generating activities are crucial. She advises bloggers to find their leverage points and focus on activities that directly contribute to making money. She also suggests diversifying income streams to avoid relying solely on platforms like Google or social media algorithms.

The Value of Simplicity and Focus

Both Faith and I stress the importance of staying focused and not getting overwhelmed by trying to do too much too soon. We recommend simplicity, a simple offer, and a simple way of selling it. Faith highlights the need for a standout offer and advises against spreading oneself too thin with multiple offers.

The Power of Your Brain and Multiple Leads

Faith also discussed the importance of having multiple leads and the value of your brain as an entrepreneur. She emphasizes that all money is created from ideas generated by your brain, making it your most valuable asset. When coaching people, Faith encourages them to think in terms of leads, which can be potential customers or visitors to their blog generating ad revenue.

The Role of Short-Form Video Content

Currently, Faith sees short-form video content platforms like Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest as effective sources for generating leads. She shared an example of someone in her mastermind who went viral on Reels and gained 5,000 email subscribers in just two weeks.

Rising Above the Noise

Faith discusses rising above the noise and gaining engagement on social media. She acknowledges that it takes time and perseverance, referring to the initial stage as "the suck" where you may feel like you're talking to no one. However, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency.

The Challenges and Realities of Building a Career Online

Faith also discusses the challenges and realities of building a career online. She emphasizes the importance of trying new things and being willing to make mistakes in front of others. She shares her own experience of organizing her first online summit, which had its fair share of technical issues and frustrations. However, she believes that being a beginner and facing difficulties is a natural part of the process.

The Value of Condensing Information and Expertise

Faith discusses the value of condensing information and expertise into a faster and more accessible format for people. She emphasizes the importance of not having to spend excessive time and effort on researching and reading books, as she has already done that for her students.

Delivering High-Value Results

Faith encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on delivering high-value results that people are willing to pay for. She advises individuals to analyze their chosen niche or industry and identify what people are already paying a lot of money for, and then strive to become exceptionally good at delivering those results.


Faith and I emphasize the importance of simplicity, focus, and diversification in building sustainable businesses.

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